ENERGY STAR & other program verifications

We are a certified independent third party verifier that helps ensure everything was done right the first time…

Three Step Process

  • Preliminary Rating: We will work with you, your architect &/or designer to help you get the best bang for your buck up front by using our 20+ years of experience & knowledge to get it designed right from the start.
  • Pre-Drywall Check: Before the drywall goes up, not only do we verify that the insulation was installed properly, but we also look for other issues to make sure they get fixed instead of just covered up causing issues later. One of our top recommendations is also that we conduct the necessary Illinois Energy Conservation Code Duct Leakage Test at this time (all equipment & ducts in).
  • Final Inspections: At this time we verify that the equipment specified has actually been installed, was done correctly, and works like it is supposed to. We also certify the home meets the Illinois Energy Conservation Code by conducting the necessary Blower Door aka Envelope Leakage Test & Duct Leakage Test all in one visit.

Other Options & Considerations:

If you are a parent that has a child with Asthma, or as a builder would just like to take it up another notch, make sure the building is also “indoor airPLUS®” verified. The indoor air PLUS system is only available on qualified ENERGY STAR homes.

Looking for ways to use water more efficiently, not worry about performance of fixtures, or you want to eliminate callbacks from homeowners tired of waiting for hot water to arrive at the tap? Consider adding the third piece to the puzzle – WaterSense. Unfortunately while we can’t certify you on this, we can make sure you are right there.

Of course if you really want to take it up a notch & go for net-zero or net-zero ready… The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program might just be for you. (Formally Builders Challenge & Challenge Home)

How about LEED, PHIUS, or… In short, while we like many of these programs we are not certified to offer those certifications. With that we would be more than happy to discuss exactly what you are looking to do, why, and to see if getting certified is worth it. If it is, no problems as we have others we will gladly refer you to. If it isn’t and you simply want to get the performance without the label, we can definitely help you out on that.

Training &/or Consulting: Have no worries, while many builders are nervous when they first get approached about certification &/or building a little differently than they have done before, we can easily help them through it. With 20+ years in the field, we can help provide that extra hand to get things done right & help bring you & the specialty trades contractors up to speed.

For more or to schedule an appointment please call us at (815) 200-3688 or send us an E-Mail