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SLS Construction & Building Solutions LLC is not a company that sells products but rather a company that helps you find the best solution for your needs.

New Home Construction

Existing Homes

Consulting, Training, &…

From helping an existing homeowner solve an ongoing comfort issue in their house; to helping building inspectors, builders, remodelers understand the new energy codes; to verifying that work was done properly & to code; to architects to tradespeople wanting to build better homes more cost effectively we use our 20+ years of experience to help make that happen. Please feel free to call (815) 200-3688 or shoot us an E-Mail to setup an appointment.

SLS Construction & Building Solutions LLC was created and continues to focus on what we like to call Common Sense Building Practices. The four main tenants of this are; Safety, Comfort, Efficiency & Knowledge. I know, so what does this mean for me?

Safety & Health: Have an existing home that you are always constantly dusting, generally feel blahh in, or maybe you are looking to allow an older one to live without having to go to an assisted living facility? Want to design your dream home to make sure you don’t have these issues?

Comfort: Who wants to live in a house where there are rooms that are constantly to hot, cold, or drafty? Want to fix it or prevent the issues in the first place?

Efficiency & Durability: Who likes wasting money? Not only do we focus on the electricity and gas side, we also deal with water, time, labor and materials. Of course is something really efficient if it won’t last or is durable?

Knowledge: Exactly what do I need to accomplish X? How do I operate or maintain Y & Z? Is that product the best thing since sliced bread? Just how well was my HVAC / Ventilation system(s) installed? How leaky is my house / how can I improve? What do these new codes mean & which is the best path to compliance?

Like more information on a topic – check out the links which many have pointers to some of our pieces on our blog – The HTRC (Homeowners & Trades Resource Center.) Please feel free to call (815) 200-3688 or shoot us an E-Mail to setup an appointment.